Amy's Solo Albums
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small town news

CD from Amy
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small town news (2002)
Amy's latest CD! Produced by John Platania and Amy Fradon. The members of Small Town News are Tim Moore, Ken McGloin, Mark Murphy, Amanda Rothenberg, and Vickie Russell.





Come What May
What's That I Hear
Silver Wings
Lily and Billy
Magic Moonbeam Motel
Behind Closed Eyes
Love Blew In
Let It Be Me
Do Remember Me
The Burning Tree
The Flowers Still Bloom
Small Town News


Passion Angel

CD From Amy
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Passion Angel (1999)
Amy's first solo CD. Produced by Amy Fradon


Long Black Coat
Purci's Faith
Markus Aurelius
Find A Way To Fly
Passion Angel
The Famous Dancemore
Rock Me Now
Mark My Words
Fat Cat
Helpless Again
She Loved Moses
Angel Moon
Come Home
Deep In Gold


Bootleg - Amy Fradon Live! Bootleg - Amy Fradon Live! (1996)
produced by A. Fradon. This cassette was recorded live at a house concert due to the great impatience of fans to have a recording of Amy and her band with the new songs. It's a funky recording with very powerful performances from Amy and her band. This one's sure to be a collector's item after Amy's first show at Carnegie Hall !!

Under The Cover Of Trees
Passion Angel
Angel Inside Me
The Cellist
Hello Woman Stranger
Skinny Bones (All I Wanna Do)
Mark My Words
Helpless Again
Come Home

Amy & Leslie Albums
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Take Me Home

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Take Me Home (1994)
Shenachie/Cachet Records, produced by Scott Petito. Amy & Leslie's last album together. Just as Amy and Leslie were ready to part ways in 1993 they were given the money to record this record by two very generous fans. They stayed together and created Take Me Home, which ended up charting twice and selling 20,000 copies. This CD has lush, gorgeous harmonies. write to: Shenachie Entertainment, 13 Laight Street, 6th. Floor, New York, NY (212) 334-0284.

Rain [by Lennon & McCarthy]
Take Me Home
Eye Of The Hurricane
River Of Love
Give It Up
Lay Your Head
Your Move [by Jon Anderson/Yes]
Fly Away
From Time To Time
When I'm Seen


Delphys: Ocean Born Delphys: Ocean Born (1992)
produced by K. Rosen, C. Malach An incredible collection of songs and tone poems and chants written mostly by Kim Rosen and Cathie Malach, and sung by Amy & Leslie. The music sprang from the transformational work Amy did with Kim, Cathie and Leslie with dolphins, humans and the BRETHwork. It is a deep tribute to this planet and its inhabitants.
write to: Delphys, Box 174, Bearsville, NY 12408

The Call
To The Goddess
Tears of Humanity
With You
Goodbye Song
Set Them Free
River of Love
The Oceans Are Calling
Coming Home
Embracing Your Essence
Ocean Born
Kiss Of Spirit


Delphys: Sacred Spaces Delphys: Sacred Spaces (199?)
produced by K. Rosen, C. Malach, A. Fradon, L. Ritter. This is a participatory mediation tape with a guided visualization and esquisite improvazional music for the listener to journey deep inside his or her self and make new discoveries of the heart and spirit.
write to: Delphys, Box 174, Bearsville, NY 12408

Amy & Leslie Amy & Leslie (1990)
Alcazar Records, produced by A. Traum, S. Petito. Another acoustic-based venture for the wonderful harmonies of Amy & Leslie. Produced by Artie Traum and Scott Petito, this CD is slightly more sophisticated than Crystal Song or Flyin', but still lets the clarity and enthusiam shine through. One song on this CD, "Roll On" was made into a video which was shown on VH1.
write to: Alkazar Records, Box 429
Waterbury VT
(802) 244-7845.

Hymn To Her
Faerie Song
Roll On
Crazy Life
My Lover Is A Runner
Once In A Very Blue Moon
Prince Of Whales
The Valley
The Moontree
Why Can't It Be?


Flyin' On the Wings of Heaven Flyin' On the Wings of Heaven (1988)
produced by A. Fradon & J. Bachrach. Here is a collection of eight songs by songwriter Judi Bachrach, who asked Amy to produce her only recording. Amy & Leslie sang it, and like Crystal Song it is an innocent direct journey into Judi's life and spirit.

The Greatest Mystery
Emilia's Legacy
Flying On The Wings Of Heaven
Night Raga
The Incarnation of Marion
Storm Clouds
You Are My Kin


Crystal Song Crystal Song (1988)
produced by A. Fradon, L. Ritter, D. Uttendorfer, M. Black. This is Amy Fradon's and Leslie Ritter's first recording. It is delightful and innocent as first albums often are. Very sparsely produced, it really allows the wonderful harmonies and sentiment to come through to the listener. Also released in Japan on Dolphin Dance.

Catskill Green
Broken Arrows
Bye Bye Baby
No One Like You
I Am Blind
Always Be A Lover
Crystal Song


Other Albums
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Chalice of God

Mirabilis - Chalice of God (2005)
(Amy Fradon and Katy Taylor) This music was commissioned by the Foundation for Universal Sacred Music and composed by Katy Taylor and Amy Fradon.





The Chalice of God
I Praise Thee
Our Spirit
Peace to Thee
The Maiden Song
As I Shine

The Path

Mirabilis - The Path (2004)
(Katy Taylor and Amy Fradon) This CD was recorded live in the gorgeous chapel of Holy Cross Monastery, a Benedictine Order, in West Park, New York. As it was recorded in a live space, you will hear a few unplanned accompaniments in some of the pieces: the radiator, a train in the background, a cough or two, and the spirits of seekers from years gone by.



The Darkest Midnight
The Path
The Shepards Sing
Sainte Nicholaes
Puer Natus est Nobis
Lully, Lullay
Seven Virgins/The Leaves of Life
Alleluia Virga Mediatrix
The Cherry Tree Carol
The Burning Tree
This is the Truth
Christ Child's Lullaby
The Boughs of Evergreen
Come What May

Pastures of Plenty Pastures of Plenty
-Songs of Woody Guthrie
by The Vanaver Caravan. Amy Fradon is a featured vocalist on several of these songs.

Pastures of Plenty (chorale)
Hard Travelin'
Deportee *
Vigilante Man
Peace Pin Boogie *
Dust Bowl Medley:
  - Blowin' Down that Old Dusty Road
  - Dust Storm Disaster
  - Do Re Mi
Gypsy's Fortune/Tsiganeasta
Just One More Time
Union Maid
Pretty Boy Floyd
My Daddy *
Hobo's Lullaby
Pastures of Plenty

* featuring Amy Fradon as lead vocalist


The Gathering Sun The Gathering Sun (1999)
by Rich Goodhart. Amy Fradon is a featured vocalist on this CD of percussive/chant music. Available from and

Secrets Of The Sunrise
Octave Eyes
Images Of Light
What Shall We Do?
Dearest Sister
a. Waking Graces
b. The Merging Water's Song
Cast Your Dancing Spell (a.k.a "The Jaw Harp Tune")
The Blessed Tears of Understanding


Requiem Songs: for the victims of nationalism Requiem Songs:
for the victims of nationalism
lbany Records, produced by Neil B. Rolnick. Amy & Leslie's last recording together was the vocals for Requiem Songs. One of these compositions, 'The Cellist' is regularly performed by Amy.
write to:
Albany Records, PO Box 5011,
Albany NY 12205-0011
(518) 453-2203

Bosnia's Mountains
The Wedding Party
Deep Is The See/The Bee
So Still
Ethnic Cleansing
Home Is A Ghost
The Cellist
Final Prayer